Sep 022010

Milky Way Galaxy over the jungles of Costa Rica

The star viewing over El Copal was absolutely fantastic and gave me a great opportunity to practice some astrophotography in the evenings. I’m still refining my techniques, and my equipment isn’t great at handling long exposure noise, but this is by far my best attempt at capturing the Milky Way and all the potential of the universe! Of course, when I see photos like this one I realize I have a long ways to go, but that just means I have an excuse to keep trying!

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  1. This is reeeeeeally good Morg, I’m impressed!

  2. The photo you linked is spectacular, but it’s also a photoshop comp job made from several individual photos. Yours is about as good as they come au natural.

  3. Thanks, I’m definitely really happy with the outcome!

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