Aug 112010
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Alright, we’re getting easier and easier here. 5 BioPoints for family name, 2 for family common name, 5 for subfamily name, and 2 more for subfamily common name! Answers and points will be awarded once I get back to Canada. Tune in tomorrow for something a little different!

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  1. Haha I check this every morning now, Carabidae (Ground Beetle), Cicindelinae (Tiger Beetle)

  2. Well, Erwin & Pearson (2008) have accorded the group supertribal status (Cicindelitae) in their treatise of the Western Hemisphere, so the subfamily would actually be Carabinae :)

    Then there are the Luddites who adamantly cling to maintaining family status for tiger beetles (despite the avalanche of molecular data that refute this), in which case the family would be Cicindelidae (although the subfamily would be back to Cicindelinae). :) :)

    How about a generic/specific ID? This should be Pseudoxycheila tarsalis (tribe Cicindelini, subtribe Megacephalina per Erwin & Pearson 2008) – the only Central American species in the genus. Another 20 species occur in the western Andes slopes north to Venezuela and Colombia. :) :) :)

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