Aug 082010

Fly from Costa Rica

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Welcome to a new feature for the blog, Bug of the Day! Each day I’m away in Costa Rica I’ll be highlighting an insect I came across, and challenging each of you to come up with the identification! Coveted BioPoints will be awarded to the first person to post the correct family name (5), common family name (2), and if you know the subfamily, you’ll get an additional 15! I’ll provide the answers and award points after I get back to Canada, so make sure to check back in to see how you did! Remember BioPoints can be redeemed for framed photos when you get a total of 200! See you tomorrow!

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  1. I’m an ornithologist and most of my entomology work is in Odonata, but I’ll play along. With wild guesses.

    Family Muscidae – House Flies, subfamily Muscinae

  2. Oh acalyptrates, how I dislike identifying them… I do see plumose arista, so Drosophilidae, Pomace fly?

  3. it is an Ephydridae, I suppose

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