Aug 042010
Time to head down south for some fun in the jungle and the largest gathering of Dipterists this grad student has yet to see! I figured I’d try and make a travelogue of short entries for this whole experience day-by-day (including the days when I have no internet, so expect some days with multiple posts) which will include some of the highs, lows and miscellaneous stories each day.

Overall today was probably the least eventful travel day I think I’ve ever had, which is good news for my stress levels, but really lame for this report….

Had the nicest TSA agents despite them all coming off the night shift, and only one person letting a little power go to their head.

Flight from Detroit–>Dallas didn’t offer any snacks or entertainment. I wish airlines would stop being so cheap and provide some customer service again! Seriously, a 2.5 hour flight with only a Dr. Pepper offered? Come on!

Lunch in Dallas airport, m’eh. Overpriced and under flavoured, but not the worst I’ve had. At least the chairs were comfortable…

Flight from Dallas to San Jose was alright as well, although we misunderstood the time change and were getting a little concerned when we were 20 minutes late for our touchdown without an explanation from the cabin crew! Turns out they don’t use daylight savings time down here… good to know! At least they served a meal on this flight, although nothing special or good. Also, apparently American Airlines no longer accepts cash for food, drinks, or headphones. That’s right, you need to pay $2 by debit or credit if you forget your headphones at home! I’ll pass thanks!

Started and finished another popular science book on taxonomy and biodiversity today, watch for a review in the coming weeks after I get home!

Staying at the Adventure Inn while in San Jose over the next few weeks. Seems great with nice rooms and a great pool that I look forward to testing later this week!

Bonus real life joke: A dipterist tries to walk into a bar but gets stopped by the plate glass window, gains first hand experience of what his flies must feel! (It wasn’t me either)
That’s it for tonight! We’re off to El Copal Lodge tomorrow to scout some new locations for collecting, and I’m guessing there won’t be any internet access. No worries though, I’ll be taking notes and expect a bunch of blog posts on Sunday when we come back to San Jose! Hasta luego!


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