Jan 122010

Welcome to the Biodiversity in Focus Blog!

After much deliberation and procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to starting a blog to share my (hopeful) career in entomology and my hobby of nature photography with all (one or two) of you!

Let me start off with a little about myself:

  • I’m a Master’s student at the University of Guelph studying insect systematics (more to come on that later);
  • I began taking my nature photography seriously in 2007 as a major hobby in order to share my passion for insects and the natural world with friends and family;
  • I’m a proud Canadian,  I love to travel and be out in the field, and I believe there is always something more to learn, especially about the natural world!

Ecuador Poecilotylus Micropezidae Fly

What can you expect from me and this blog? Well, I’ll be sharing my photos and information related to the biology of my subjects and the techniques I used capturing them; I’ll be writing about my work with insects and the science of taxonomy, as well as my experiences in the field and the lab (both the good and the bad); book & equipment reviews – related to both photography and entomology – as well as anything else I can come up with that I think may be of interest to you, the reader!

I hope that you’ll join me on my adventures through grad school (aka “life”), enjoy my photos, and I encourage you to ask questions or make requests on topics you’d like to read more about!

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  1. Hi Morgan,

    Nice site!

  2. Welcome! I look forward to seeing more on your insect photography.

    And thanks for including “Beetles in the Bush” in your inaugural blogroll!

  3. Morgs,

    The site is frickin’ wick! Looks like you should be getting paid a lot for web design.


  4. Thanks for the kind words guys and welcome! Hopefully you’ll all enjoy reading future posts!

  5. Hello, fellow Canuk/bug-geek/grad student! Welcome to the blogosphere!

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